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5 Useful Mortgage Apps Every Homebuyer Needs On Their Phone

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Everyone with smartphones makes use of different apps. Some require an app for communicating, while others make use of budgeting apps to manage their finances. Others have apps for entertainment purposes, while others make use of apps to shop for their needs and wants.

But are there apps you can use if you’re a homebuyer and plans to take on texas home loans? There are tons of apps you can download that can help you with your home-buying process. Some can help you realize how much mortgage you need. Other apps available can help you track your mortgage payments, while others can help you find houses within your budget. If you plan on taking a mortgage soon to realize your dream of finally buying your own home, here are five apps to download.

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Mortgage Mentor

If you need to ask questions related to mortgages, then you can rely on the Mortgage Mentor app. Take note that we all have different mortgage needs. What works for you may not work on the next mortgage borrower. This app allows you to choose the best mortgage, depending on your situation.

Credit Karma

Your credit score an have a direct effect on your mortgage rate. This is the reason why it is always a good step to build and improve your credit score before you even apply for any texas home loans. Minimum credit score requirements are dependent on the type of mortgage you’re applying for.

The Credit Karma app allows you to check what you score is, so you’ll learn to know if it is enough to qualify for a mortgage. If not, it would be better to improve your credit first before sending in your application to avoid rejection or high-interest fees. The app gives valuable tips on how you can boost your credit score. It also allows you to view your credit history, so you can check if there are any discrepancies you can correct before applying for a home loan.

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It is always a good thing to get a mortgage pre-approval before shopping for houses. This way, you’re already aware of how much you can afford to buy, and look for homes that fit right into your budget. The Trulia app allows homebuyers to find houses depending on your budget and location. It can show the amenities and establishments near the home’s location, including the photos of houses for sale. It also shows open house availability, so you can choose to check out the houses you’re interested at on open dates.

Mortgage Payoff Track

This app is useful for both homebuyers who managed to get approved for texas home loans and those that are still juggling to make a choice. The app shows you a comprehensive view of an amortization process. It also helps mortgage borrowers understand how the payment system works. If you plan to finish your mortgage early, you can use the Mortgage Payoff Track. It will show you the savings you can enjoy for every extra payment you make.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

This is one calculator every mortgage borrower needs to have in their smartphones. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator allows its users to input and rever calculate the principal mortgage amount, term, and interest fees. If you’re wondering how much mortgage you need to apply for, then you only need to enter the down payment amount you can afford. This also shows you how the whole amortization changes in case you make additional or extra payments.

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