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Facts About Heavy-Duty Stairlifts

Many individuals are concerned that a stairlift will not be able to properly transport them up the stairs. Thankfully, most stairlifts are durable and tailored to your specific requirements. However, the maximum capacity of each stairlift type varies, so it’s crucial to know the details.

Heavy-duty stairlifts are intended to last, so you can relax and enjoy your journey. Although the curved stairlifts have a maximum weight capacity of 135 kilograms, most straight stairlifts can handle 160 kilograms. This varies slightly depending on the chair and rail type you choose, so it’s crucial to discuss your options with one of our specialists ahead of time.

What Do They Look Like?

When you think of heavy-duty stairlifts in Warwick, you might envision a large, bulky chair that takes up the whole width of your stairwell. When purchasing a heavy-duty stairlift, however, this is not the case.

All stairlifts are designed to be safe first and foremost. While gliding up the steps, their active and passive safety measures safeguard your safety. However, they’ve been made to look attractive and fit into your daily routine.

We understand that you want your stairlift to blend in with the rest of your home. Therefore even our heavy-duty stairlifts are designed to suit your preferences and look excellent in your space.

Types of Heavy-Duty Stairlifts

As we mentioned above, there are two basic types of heavy duty stairlifts: curved and straight. When deciding between the two different types, you will want to consider what works best in your home with your desired weight capacity. You will also have the choice between new or reconditioned ones.

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