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The Benefits Of Living In The Sukhumvit Area Of Bangkok

When you are looking for somewhere to live in Bangkok and want to buy a condo, you may want to consider the Sukhumvit area of the city. A lot is going in this area of town, and it has many benefits to living there. You can find an excellent condo for sale in Sukhumvit no matter what your budget, and with so many empty units in the city, it is a buyers’ market that gives you power when it comes to negotiating. Below are some of the advantages of living in this part of Bangkok that may have you searching for suitable places to buy and live.

Convenient Transport Links

Getting around Bangkok can be painfully slow, and it is made worse when it is raining. However, living in the Sukhumvit area of the city is easier to get around as there are many excellent transport links. There is lots of public transport available, including the BTS, MRT, and lots of taxis and motorbike taxis that you can use. If you want to get a vehicle, you will need to ensure when looking at condos that it has secure private parking to help keep your vehicle safe, whether it is a car or a bike.

Plenty Of Shopping On Your Doorstep

You can also enjoy lots of convenient shopping when you live in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, with plenty of options available. There are many independent stores you can visit, and there are also plenty of close shopping malls. If they are not within walking distance, you can get to them by travelling one or two stops on the BTS Skytrain system. There are also plenty of supermarkets for food shopping so that you can cook plenty of delicious food at home in your condo unit.

Living Close To The Action

If you also love your nightlife, you will enjoy living in the Sukhumvit area as plenty of night-time entertainment is available. There are plenty of bars and clubs in the area that you can enjoy and relax or watch your favourite sports team, and there are also lots of fantastic restaurants in the area. Whether you are looking for some delicious Thai food or want to satisfy your cravings for something else, there are plenty of options available in Sukhumvit. If you are single or a couple, it is an excellent area of the city to live in, but it may not be suitable if you have a young family.

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