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Tips on how to handle tenants who break the law and perpetual complainers

There are several things you are going to learn from the Embark PM on how to deal with various types of tenants. It is excellent to use applicant screening to weed out various tenants who might become an issue along the way.

But, it doesn’t count for changes that happen in the financial circumstances of the tenant, their emotional state as well as personal situations. Being a landlord, you should know the way you are going to deal with those that are perpetual complainers and those that break the law.

Laws are just suggestions

Some people think that they have a way of getting around anything. Ways that tend to be common for tenants to break the law ranges from the illegal harboring or selling of drugs to nuisance and violent crimes complaints. In case it happens that you have a tenant who is on your property that becomes active criminally, it might be best to consult an attorney to get some advice. In most states, to be arrested doesn’t change the right of the tenant is occupying a home. With that said:

Dealing with tenants that break the law

  • Having to screen: Applicants being pre-screened will ensure that you get to know their prior history of criminal activities. It has to be carefully evaluated together with other qualifications. Someone who has a small blip that happened 15 years ago might be a great tenant but you need to check out illegal activities that they engaged in recently or a certain behavioral pattern. If you observe that, then avoid such tenants.
  • Inspections are done regularly: Engaging in inspections periodically of the home might tend to reveal to you signs of potential problems or illegal activities especially the ones which are related to drugs.

Perpetual complainers

There is no landlord that doesn’t like having tenants who do all the correct things, and you only get to hear of them when the issue at hand is legitimate. With that said the property owners have to deal with some tenants who are perpetual complainers. They call all the time, continuously, and for everything including unreasonable requests.

Dealing with tenants who are constantly complaining

  • Understand your legal obligations: As a landlord, you are needed to make repairs that are essential for the safety and habitability of the hoe. But that doesn’t mean that you will need to keep jumping to each request from the tenants, knowing the difference is going to save you money, time, and aggravation
  • Reminding them of the lease: A lease has to spell out who is responsible for what in terms of the light bulb out, maintenance, the HVAC filter requiring changing? Is it going to be the responsibility of the tenant, and if so, then you should need to remind them of such.

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